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Since 2012, We provide branding solution all over the world.
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We are glad to promote your business step by step. Since 2012, Social Lancer provide authentic and thematic branding solution all over the world.

Social Lancer became a member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program (previously known as the Preferred Developer Consultant program) as soon as the PMD became available in Asia in early 2012.

Since then Social Lancer has grown from 5 to 17 employees and has opened 2 new offices throughout USA and Canada.

Social Lancer Story

Social Lancer boasts a range of expertise from Community Management, creation and optimisation of Facebook Ad campaigns, Google Adword campaigns, Site Socialisation and Branding.

In recent events, Social Lancer has evolved into a full-fledged Social Media Agency and has been involved in campaigns beyond Facebook such as on Google, Bing Ads Network and Youtube. Its newest addition is expertise on Chinese social networks Sina Weibo and Wechat.

Social Lancer is also regularly invited to talk at conferences throughout US and Canada.


  • 55%
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  • 12%

As Per Client Demand

Facebook Clients
Google Clients
Bing Clients
Youtube Clients

Our ServicesBranding Solutions

Online / Facebook Marketing Bangladesh
Branding / Consultancy

We provide consulting services to help customers build integrated solutions within our fields of expertise. This underpaid service.

Organic and Paid Promotion

Set the target on client demand, analysis budget. Then go for ads. We did not charged any hidden cost for paid campaign.

Monitoring and Support

Optimization of campaign performance. Follow-up, timely and regular reports. This underpaid service (BDT 5,000 ~ 25,000) Negotiable.

Fixed Package

Ads Running 7 / 14 / 21 Days, Higest 5 Ads In a Row

  • Minimum Budget: $50 / 4,000 Tk
  • Additional Charges: $5 / 400 Tk

Total Payment: $55 / 4,400 Tk

Monthly Package

Ads Running 30 Days, Higest 10 Ads In a Row

  • Minimum Budget: $100 / 8,000 Tk
  • Additional Charges: $10 / 800 Tk

Total Payment: $110 / 8,800 Tk

Challenging Package

Ads Running 10 Days, Higest 30 Ads In a Row

  • Minimum Budget: $100 / 8,000 Tk
  • Additional Charges: $25 / 2,000 Tk

Total Payment: $125 / 10,000 Tk

  • Thematic Facebook Banner / Post Design
  • Thematic Google Ads Banner Design
  • Thematic Bing Ads Banner Design
  • Thematic Youtube Ads / Video Ads Play
Facebook Banner Design

Feel The Design

$10 Per Banner Ads Design

Affordable, Custom-Made Banner Ad Designs. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get graphic designs that really work. Social Lancer give your product and business a unique look and feel, one that gives prospects confidence in your current and future businesses and helps you make more and effective/profitable sales.

Creative Ideas and Branding

A Creative Idea Give You The Best Social Reach. Social Lancer Provide You The Idea and Cheapest Way To Branding You On Social Page.

Social Traffic Monitoring

We Find Out How Social Media Impacts Your Fan Page Performance. Traffic Source Analysis and Give You The Exact Solutions.

Dedicated Support Social Page

If You Can't Give Sufficient Time For You Social Page, We Will Do That For You. Dedicated Post Management, Customer Feedback, Reply Comment Etc.

Banner Ads Design

$10 Per Banner Design

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get in touch

If You Need Assist / Consultancy About Your Business Promotion Please Contact Us.

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